Reid McCain for Harrison County District Attorney

Campaign Issues

As a longtime East Texan, I hold a vested interest in protecting our community by restoring the strong values, principles that are deeply rooted in the daily lives of the deep goodness that comes with small-town communities such as those who make up Harrison County. If elected, I will bring the dedication, principles and moral values inherited not only by my invaluable experiences as a lifelong public servant, but one who has dedicated a lifetime of service for the betterment of all citizens of Harrison County through the restoration of the following three objectives:

  • Competency: Ensuring all citizens are granted court representation by a fair, balanced and just prosecution whose knowledge and expertise extends beyond the courtroom.
  • Transparency: Reinstating trust in a justice system by reopening the channels of a clear and open dialogue between members of the community and local law enforcement.
  • Efficiency: Holding true to the rule of law for all prosecution, from jury trials to bench trials, ranging from traffic charges to capital murder.


My 23 years of dedicated public service as both a prosecutor and police officer has granted me intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system from arrest to prosecution. As a veteran law enforcement officer, I dedicated 12 of my 15 years to the protection of the residents of Marshall, Texas and surrounding municipalities in various roles within the city’s police department. I spent most of my tenure as sergeant with the department’s crime scene investigations unit, where I worked on the ground, investigating crime scenes and working closely with victims of crimes from burglaries to homicides.



Despite the numerous responsibilities that accompanied my various roles within the department, I never strayed from my primary responsibility and core value -- to lead and protect with a servant heart by protecting the needs of every citizen by providing justice that is served both firmly and evenly. Most importantly, this principle has created a personal accountability to establish a clear and open dialogue when working closely with all victims of crimes ranging from burglaries to homicide. By reopening the channels of open communication between members of the community and local law force, I hope to decrease the overall crime rates by restoring the dwindling confidence in the county’s current criminal justice system.  



As someone who has experience both on the scene and in front of the bench, I can personally attest to the overall importance of an informed public to ensure an overall efficient, swift and, most importantly, just prosecution. By ensuring the public remains knowledgeable and informed on topics within our criminal justice system, we can work as a cohesive unit to establish justice for those who have spent years in limbo due to the back-log of countless unsolved criminal cases.

In closing, I am a dedicated leader and public servant who believes that all persons are created with equal opportunity, have values and abilities, and should not be deprived of such because of general injustice. If elected District Attorney, I will use my unique knowledge and expertise to fight for the betterment of all citizens of Harrison County by reinstating the positive qualities of a fair, firm, and competent district attorney’s office.

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